4 Tools For Finding the Right Twitter Hashtags

Twitter Hashtags

Trying to get started with Twitter hashtags? Try out these resources for finding out what’s trending.

Making your content stand out when there are so many competitors can be incredibly difficult and requires a lot of trial and error. Just about everyone is aware of what hashtags are—in the context of Twitter in particular, we mean those little keywords that are offset by a pound sign in front of them. Finding out what’s #Trending can be a critical part of the social media marketing experience. Today, we’re going to look at four tools you can use to find out what Twitter hashtags are right for you and your particular needs.

1. Twitter’s Built-in Tools

The first place you ought to check may seem all-too-obvious, but many marketers forget: Twitter natively shows what some of the most trending hashtags are. Because the hashtags are coming straight from Twitter itself, you can be sure that they’re going to be accurate. There are limitations to this tool, however, because only a few majorly trending hashtags are shown. If you want anything more nuanced, you may need to look at some third-party options.

2. Trendsmap

Trendsmap is a tool that allows you to sort trending hashtags y locations. This is incredibly powerful for small, more local businesses who want to connect directly with their audience. What’s trending in one city may look completely different from somewhere across the country, so it’s important to tailor your content appropriately.

3. #tagdef

Tagdef, short for hashtag definition, is a site that not only helps marketers and businesses understand what hashtags are trending, but what those hashtags also mean. Every hashtag comes with a definition, making for an easy time in getting to know a topic quickly so you can incorporate those ideas within your Twitter marketing efforts.

4. Hashtagify

Hashtagify.me is a fantastic hashtag finger that is great for Twitter as well as Instagram. It’s nice because it allows you to search for related terms, so if you find one hashtag you really like but want to use a few more to really spruce up a post, Hashtagify can help. If done properly, this method can lead to greater conversion rates and much more clicks on that content you worked so hard to produce.

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