How Artificial Intelligence Could Change Marketing Sooner Than You Think


Artificial intelligence is going to make its way into just about every industry out there. How will marketing be impacted?

We’re experiencing a completely new age for technology. Artificial intelligence is such a significant development that we already see it powering everything from our phone’s search results to driverless cars. Of course, we look back on the development of something like the cell phone and it’s plainly obvious how quickly the tech developed in just a manner of years—and the same can be said of artificial intelligence. A.I. is likely going to be involved in just about every industry out there. Here’s how artificial intelligence could change marketing in just a few years time.  

Intelligent Performance Analysis

For the big names out there like Google, artificial intelligence is already a critical part of marketing and targeting ads directly in line with consumer interest. That’s a big deal. We’re going to start seeing more and more tools that take advantage of A.I. to generate reports on how well content is performing, what times are the best times for your content to be posted, what kinds of content you’ve posted work best, and so on. Having these robust, A.I.-generated analyses could completely change the marketing game.

A.I. Generated Content

Like most forms of content creation, there’s a certain aspect of “following the formula” so to speak that is used within creating marketing content. Initially, this may be fairly clumsy and require a good deal of human intervention for editing and quality control purposes. A.I. generated content can really guide the way though and be used to make high-quality content quickly and accurately. This is especially when content needs to be targeted for a specific demographic or even on an individual level, which may start happening sooner than many people realize.

Reading Patterns

One thing artificial intelligence is really, really good at is pattern recognition. Think about it this way: your marketing efforts may be reaching hundreds, even thousands of people. That might be a new piece of content every day or even multiple times a day. Going through all that data is hard enough for human employees, but picking out patterns is especially difficult. A.I. can efficiently pick up on marketing patterns that matter and help you make informed decisions to really get your product out there.

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