Google Rolls Out New Google Hangouts Desktop App

Google Hangouts Desktop AppGoogle has been pretty busy recently. First they said goodbye to Google Authorship Photos. Then they got rid of Google Authorship all together. Next, they did away with Mandatory Google+ Accounts. *Sigh of relief.* Now, Google has unveiled a Google Hangouts Desktop App for Chrome OS and Windows users, AND they announced a new social polling feature for Google+.

Google Hangouts Desktop App

“The new app brings the best of Hangouts to your desktop, plus some improvements we think you’ll love,” wrote Google in a recent blog post. “The app has a streamlined design that keeps your chats accessible without getting in the way of everything else.”

“It works outside of your browser so your chats are always available, not tucked away inside a window.”

The new desktop app supports Hangouts’ voice and video calls, allowing chats and calls to run independently of a web browser. Google Voice users can also make and receive calls, listen to voicemails and read SMS messages via their Google Voice number from within the app.

Social Polling Feature for Google+

Less than a month after acquiring the social polling company Polar, Google has unveiled a new Polls feature for Google+. These polls can be created directly on Hangouts and can include photos or links to Google image searches.

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