Your Final Website Pre-Launch Checklist

your website pre-launch checklist

Cross of the tasks on this pre-launch checklist to ensure that your website is ready for business.

When setting up a new business or brand, it is essential first to establish a website that will be a reliable place for your customers to find you and learn about your business. Designing a website is difficult, and planning a website launch can take quite a while. You may be tempted to cut the process short and say the website is “good enough.” However, you shouldn’t let impatience cause you to speed past a few essential tasks that will ensure your website is the best it can be. Before you officially launch your site, check off the following four tasks on your pre-launch checklist to guarantee that your website will be ready for business. 

Check Your Website Content

The best way to check the content of your website is to get a fresh pair of eyes to look at it. After writing and editing your content, you can start to lose perspective. When you have someone else revise your content, have them search for: 

  • Filler or dummy text that has been left in
  • Duplicate pages or large sections of duplicate text
  • Grammar, spelling, and syntax issues
  • Misplaced images, including logos
  • Problems displaying on different screens, including smartphones and tablets

Check Your SEO

The next action on your pre-launch checklist is to ensure that your SEO, or search engine optimization, is prepared. In a general sense, SEO refers to how you optimize your site to ensure search engines and your target audience find it. Outside of using website plugins, you can do the following to improve your SEO: 

  • Make sure all meta descriptions are filled in
  • Use custom title formats to improve your search page rankings
  • Consult a “search and social” option in your preview menu to see how the page will look on search engines and social media 

Check Your Website Security

An essential pre-launch checklist task is to ensure that your website is secure. You can do this by choosing a strong password and turning on two-factor authentication. If you have other contributors publishing to your site, make sure you keep track of how much access each person has. 

Check All Links and Forms

Finally, you want to make sure that your website’s page navigation is working properly. This means checking all of the places your users will interact with on your site. Click all of your links to make sure they go to the right places, and ensure that your contact forms are easy to use and working correctly. 

Once you have checked off these final pre-launch checklist items, your website should be looking great, running well, and fully optimized for search engines and security. Now it’s time to start making more fantastic content. 

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