Facebook is Saying NO to “Engagement Bait”

Facebook is Saying NO to “Engagement Bait”

We all have at least one friend who tags us in every single “tag more friends for more entries” pots they see, and it’s really annoying.

We all have at least one friend who tags us in every single “tag more friends for more entries” pots they see, and it’s really annoying. Once you’re tagged in a post like that, you get notified any time anyone else comments, and you’re usually also added to the group which will then be all over your newsfeed. They usually read something like this:

  • “Like this post and comment with your favorite color to be entered to win. Tag friends for extra entries!”
  • “Share this post on your newsfeed and comment with a screen shot when you’re done.”
  • “Tag all of your friends who love (brand or product)!”

Well, Facebook has a solution to that which will hopefully save us all some irritation.

Solving Facebook Spam

As we know, the Facebook algorithm is constantly evolving in order to create a better user experience. Their latest change is a game-changer for many users. Now, when a business owner posts “engagement bait” posts, they will start showing up further down on users’ news feeds. This means that the posts won’t be getting nearly as much engagement as they were designed for.

Another Benefit of High-Quality Content

If your business uses Facebook for marketing purposes, your campaigns will end up doing a lot better if you spend time developing good content. Facebook algorithms will start looking at posts to see if users are engaging with them simply because they were asked or if the post was actually worth engaging with. Taking the time to develop quality content and posts will increase your posts’ ranking with the Facebook algorithm, which will help to increase your organic reach.

Increase Organic Reach without Engagement Bait

Organic reach on Facebook is basically how many users a post engages, without being “boosted.” Of course, when you boost a page it will reach more users. To increase your organic reach, either post things that get peoples’ attention without baiting them or you can partner with Adventure Web Interactive, and we will take your Facebook marketing to the next level.

Adventure Web Interactive Can Transform Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

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