5 Ways You Can Better Promote Your Business Facebook Page


Effectively promoting your Facebook page is easier than you think.

So you’ve finally set up a Facebook page for your business. Congratulations. Now, it’s time to actually begin promoting it so that you can get customers to purchase your products or services. To start connecting and engaging with potential customers, here are some helpful tips for effectively promoting your Facebook page.

Use Your Current Network

If you have an email list, use it. These people are probably interested in connecting with you on Facebook as well. Ideally, you should send out an email to your entire contact list. This way you spread the word to people who have already established an interest in your business. Inviting people to Like your business Facebook page allows your audience to see that you are on social media and looking to connect with them. Ideally, you’ll want to be sure to add social media buttons at the bottom of your email footer to point your customers to your various social media channels.

Add A Follow Button On The Website

You want to make it easy for website visitors to Like your Facebook page. Help them out by just adding a follow button to your actual website. This addition will steer visitors to your business Facebook page, giving them an incredible ability to engage with your business.

Create A Facebook Ad

Facebook advertising is an excellent feature that allows businesses to really target their audiences. Running a Facebook Ad is an incredible way to get your business to a new, broader audience. Using Facebook’s targeting features, you can really pinpoint your target audience and get the ad directly to them.

Share Helpful Content

We all know that there is a massive difference between social media and social media marketing. You want to give people a chance to actually Like your Facebook page. You can quickly accomplish this task by sharing relevant content and helpful tips that your audience would be interested in.

Promote Your Page Offline

Promote your business Facebook page on all of your print marketing materials as well. Don’t limit your exposure to just online mediums. Explore all the ways that you can combine traditional marketing tools with your social media marketing as well.

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