The Never-Ending Evolution of Digital Marketing

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The world of technology and digital spaces is a very sink-or-swim ecosystem. Things are constantly changing, tides are rapidly moving, and you have to stay up-to-date to keep your brand afloat. You can never sleep on digital marketing, and you should always be striving to learn more. Here are some instances of changes that need to be kept up with to maintain a relevant digital marketing strategy.

Changing Social Media Strategies

Last week we wrote about Twitter’s new algorithm, and how it might affect social media marketing strategies. Twitter, and other social media sites like Facebook, are constantly changing the ways they sort and present their content. Knowing how to optimize your content to reach the most people, engage the most effectively, and market yourself the best, is all dependent on constantly paying attention to the latest and greatest digital marketing strategies. Users of social media will continue to change what they want out of social media sites, and new social platforms will continue to pop up. Don’t let your company get left in the dust.

Evolving Search Algorithms

Another thing you’ll hear us talk about often is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. This is another huge part of digital marketing, and also one that is constantly changing and evolving. Google has come a long way since its keyword-dense indexing strategy. Now, search engine “bots” will “crawl” through content to try to understand what it is that you might be blogging about, making search terms more flexible and conversational. While search engines get smarter, you have to, too.

These are just a couple examples of ways that digital marketing is changing, but we hope that it proves our point about the importance of staying current with your online marketing strategies. In order to be relevant on search engines and social media, you have to stay with the times. Because, those times, they are a-changin’.

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