E-mail Marketing Campaigns: In or Out in 2021?

E-mail marketing can be an effective and affordable marketing tool in 2021. Here’s how it’s still relevant.

The continuing rise of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn have offered businesses the opportunity to boost their digital presence without ever needing the e-mail address of their customers. With so many alternative digital marketing strategies available at the disposal of business owner’s fingertips, it can be hard to select the right marketing strategy. Luckily, Adventure Web Interactive is here to help. Despite the fact that e-mail marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing strategies, it can still be just as effective in 2021 to draw customers into your business. 

E-mail Marketing Campaigns are Targeted to Your Audience

One of the perks of sending out a campaign is that it’s already tailored to your target audience who has opted into your newsletter or company updates. Since these clients are choosing to actively “stay in the know” of your business, your viewers are guaranteed to be interested in your e-mail marketing campaign. This will be particularly true if you’re running specials on services and sending out e-mail marketing campaigns to notify customers of your running sales. 

E-mail Marketing is an Affordable Option

At Adventure Web Interactive, we believe that customers will respond positively to companies that put in the effort to keep them updated. By investing in our e-mail marketing services, we can provide your clients with innovative marketing techniques designed around your companies choice in templates. Whether you’re opting to write the message yourself or hire our team of copywriting experts, e-mail marketing is an affordable option to stay in touch with your customers. This can cost as little as $15 a month, with set-up fees not included. 

Stay in the Know with Marketing Metrics

We’ve partnered with Constant Contact to provide all of our clients with e-mail marketing services that have key metrics available up to the exact minute. You’ll be able to receive details on e-mails opened, forwarded, any links visited, and much more! This can provide you with insight into your target market’s interests and how to keep them invested in your company in the long term. Contact Adventure Web Interactive today!

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