Dogs Gone Wild Recognized in Baltimore Magazine’s 2011 Best of Baltimore Reader’s Poll


All year long, the editors of Baltimore Magazine scoured the region looking for the very best Charm City had to offer, from shops and spas to everything in-between. They presented you, the reader, with a number of different options to vote for in each category and you responded.

More than 6,000 individuals voted this year in the annual Best of Baltimore reader’s poll and the results are in. Amongst those recognized in the August issue of the magazine is the all-natural, raw dog food company Dogs Gone Wild. The article is quoted below:

All-Natural Dog Food

Dogs Gone Wild

“What are really the best vittles for Bowser? That would be what the industry calls Biologic Appropriate Raw Food (yes, B.A.R.F. for short): fresh raw meat and vegetables with no additives or fillers. There are national firms that ship it in dry ice, but British native John Seabrook and wife, Stacey, manufacture their own in meal-sized pouches right here in Baltimore, and, uniquely, it’s made from fresh, not frozen, ingredients. It’s healthier than what most humans eat – it’s USDA-certified – and you can purchase it locally as such places as Dogma-life, with your pet, Howl, MOM’s Organic Market, and Whole Foods Market. dgwrawfood.com, 410—960-8667.”

Dogs Gone Wild is the culmination of many years of research and development of the optimal raw food diet. Inspired by their own Bernese Mountain dogs, the Seabrooks are now offering their raw food mixes to the public so that other dog-lovers can experience the same joy and peace of mind of feeding this product to their dogs.

Although dogs are domesticated animals, their stomachs and digestive tracts still resemble that of wolves, from whom dogs are descended. A dog’s digestive system is not designed to eat commercially prepared foods that are processed, baked, based on grains, and loaded with sugar, salt, and additives. Have you noticed that when you eat unprocessed and natural foods, you have more energy and feel healthier overall? Our pets also need unprocessed and natural foods for their well being.

A Biologic Appropriate Raw Diet consists of the proper ratios of meat, bones, fat, organs, fruits and vegetables. The food is raw, rather than cooked, in order to retain the high quality proteins, enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients that would be depleted if cooked. Raw food is the most instinctive and natural form of nutrition and reflects what nature intended.

For more information about feeding your special family friends the all-natural Dogs Gone Wild raw food diet, contact the Best of Baltimore winners at www.dgwrawfood.com,or 410-960-8667.