Developing a Long-lasting Instagram Content Strategy

adventure web interactive long-lasting Instagram content strategyAre you wondering how to create a long-lasting Instagram content strategy your audience will enjoy? One of the best ways to prevent overwhelming yourself is to develop a content strategy that you can constantly deliver. Keep reading to discover the three ways to build an ongoing Instagram content strategy to win over your audience!

Making Content You Love for Your Instagram Content Strategy

The first step of this strategy is posting content you enjoy making. This is an essential part of a long-lasting content strategy because it will be easy to deliver constantly when you post creative content you genuinely love making. For instance, if you enjoy watching Instagram stories, then that’s a good indicator you may love making stories because that format attracts your attention. Moreover, you will become a better creator because you understand how Instagram stories work.

Establish the Content that Works Well with Your Audience

Additionally, a long-lasting Instagram content strategy ultimately depends on your audience and their responses. So, here are four types of content to consider adding to your Instagram strategy:

  • Use a captivating hook in your Instagram Reels to attract people’s attention. Also, tutorials are perfect for reaching your ideal followers and solving a problem for them.
  • Instagram carousel posts work ideally for informative graphics with text overlays that solve a problem or answer your followers’ questions.
  • Create high-performing memes that are shareable, funny, or relatable to your audience.
  • Lastly, tweet graphics are short and straightforward to add to your Instagram story if the quote relates to you. 

Using Your Time Management Skills to Create Content

Furthermore, now you can find the time to post the type of content you love making. Also, don’t forget you need to make time to carry out your list of ideas. Time management is a valuable component of building a long-lasting Instagram content strategy. Start this step by observing your calendar. Then, complete an audit to figure out where you’re spending your time regarding your content.  

Also, you might benefit from using a time tracker app to log your content creation time for several weeks. Then you can check the time it takes you to complete specific tasks as you go over your content workflow for Instagram.

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