4 Main Types of Shareable Social Media Content

ADVP Shareable Social Media ContentKnowing what makes content shareable starts with knowing what kind of content people prefer to engage with and share with others. There are four main types of shareable social media content that you should learn about to raise your numbers in sharing, followers, and engagement.


Representation matters more than most people realize. Relatable content that allows people to see themselves in it is one of the most shared types of content. Parents are likely to share content about common struggles with child-raising, while college students share memes about exams. If you know your audience, especially if you’re part of your own audience, it will be easier to create relatable content that resonates.


Emotional content can carry beyond your immediate audience, making it a strong contender for shareability. For instance, military homecoming videos always get shared far beyond the reach of actual military members and their families and friends. This content is universal, most people can understand the emotion of these moments and feel that emotion themselves. Content that moves people emotionally is one of the best types of shareable social media content.


People enjoy learning new things, so educational content will get a lot of shares if it’s done right. The sticking point of informative content is making sure the content is still interesting and fun. There’s a big difference between talking at your audience and talking to your audience. How you address viewers and how fun you make it will influence the content’s shareability. Consider, for instance, Bill Nye. His audience was children, and he was successful because he made difficult education more accessible to his target audience.


Paying attention to trends is always a good way to keep your content relevant and shareable. Check trending hashtags and take a minute to see what influencers are putting out so you can follow suit and get in on the trend early. The problem with trends is that they fizzle out fast, so waiting too long could result in content that doesn’t perform as expected because your audience is already bored of the fad. This can be a strong type of shareable social media content as long as it’s timely.

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