Creating Content that Ranks Well on Search Engines

Creating Content that Ranks Well on Search Engines

Create website content that ranks well on search engines!

Increasing your company’s visibility online is a huge part of getting your name out there. Ranking well on search engines requires crafting high-quality content that appeals not only to your existing customers but helps you generate new leads as well.  

Think Ahead

Search engines are always changing, so you will have to think ahead. Keywords are becoming more complicated, which means adapting is the key to your success. The best search engines know what a user is looking for, even when search terms are vague. Keep this in mind when crafting your website content.

Craft an Answer

Search predictions are also a major factor to consider when creating content. If the user types in “where are landscaping companies near me” you will want to supply your service areas, if you are a landscaping company. Search engines, especially Google, will pull highlighted text that matches the user’s input. Answer the essential questions of who, what, why, when, where, and how. Voice searches are also becoming more effective, especially with assistant technology such as Siri and Alexa gaining popularity.

Update Your Blogs

Also, it’s important to keep your company’s blog posts up to date. We don’t just mean having a new post every week or every two weeks. You can also try to reuse topics from older posts as a jumping off point for new posts. Just try to avoid recycling old information too much, because it may not apply as the years pass, or the industries you are serving could have evolved. Your customers always look for fresh content, so meet them halfway and improve your reputation with them!

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