How Can Marketing Work Alongside Sales Teams?


Marketing and sales can work together with a few ideas in mind.

Any good marketing campaign is a coordinated effort that has some communication with the elements of sales, whether that be an internal sales team, resellers, or agents. A sales team must understand what is being marketed—and how it’s being marketed—so they can respond appropriately to potential clients. Likewise, any advertising campaigns should be developed with what works best salespeople in mind. With that said, let’s take a look at how you can align your marketing efforts with your sales endeavors effectively.  

Enabling Local Connections

Partnering together on campaigns targeted towards local geographic areas is an effective way to develop a customer base. The sales team is often able to gather important information about their clientele from giveaways or special sales that can help them develop a more relevant, effective method of reaching out. When marketing works to help figure out what the local community is like, sales has a lot more to work with.

Giving Sales Some Pitch Material

A good sales pitch is concise, gets to the point, and is informational. That’s true of good marketing work as well. A good marketer knows how to distill points down into the most compelling, convincing bits—and sometimes it’s good for sales to borrow a bit of that rhetoric. Every salesperson is going to have their own language preferences and go-to phrases, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t beneficial to take a look at what the marketers are doing every once in a while.

Assisting Through Education

Sometimes, the most difficult part of selling a product or service is educating the end-user on how it all works. That’s where social steps in. It’s really easy to demonstrate a complicated process or behind-the-scenes explanation via social media, but it’s a lot harder for a salesperson to show that to a potential client in person. Instead, they can turn to social media for all the relevant videos or educational materials necessary.

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