How To Create Social Media Marketing That Attracts Customers

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Consider investing in a digital marketing campaign to attract more customers to your business!

Social media marketing isn’t as simple as updating your cover photo, choosing a few colors for your branding, and queueing some posts on your Facebook page. While all three of these tasks are definitely things you should do as part of your social media marketing, they are just the start! How can your business create social media marketing that attracts customers? Here are some of our best tips!

Choose A Style And Theme

First, you need to decide on your business’s style and theme. What contributes to this?

  • Your brand colors—These should be used throughout your marketing and social media marketing. If you use blue and red in your logo, those two colors should be prevalent in all of your advertising.
  • Image tone/saturation—Does your company use light imagery? Your social media posts should follow this same image standard. Pay attention to any filters or styles that you use and make them consistent throughout.
  • Thematic elements—If your business has a specific theme or mission, you should integrate it into your social media marketing. Do you donate a portion of your proceeds to animal rescue groups? Integrate that into your social media marketing to attract more customers.

Refine Your Content Type

The type of content that you put out will determine what type of customers and followers you attract. If you are a blogger sharing blogs, articles, and text-based updates, you will naturally attract customers who are readers. As a result, your audience might not watch videos that you post. However, if you have an audience used to image-based updates, they probably won’t take the time to click on a 500-word article you posted.

Be Strategic

When posting and curating content for your social media marketing, it’s important to have an overarching strategy. The three categories you should pay attention to are educational content, entertaining content, and educational and entertaining content. Educational content should be value-based and informative. Entertainment content should make viewers laugh or want to share. You can combine both by working educational elements into your more entertaining posts.

Stick To A Unified Brand Voice

Choosing your brand’s voice is no small feat. Your brand voice will determine what type of social media marketing works best for you and how customers perceive the people behind your name. What could a brand voice be?

  • Happy and positive
  • Loud and sassy
  • Funny
  • Professional and succinct
  • Casual
  • Witty
  • Sarcastic

Choosing the right brand voice is a big decision, and the brand voice should be consistent throughout all of your social media marketing accounts.

Adventure Web Interactive Can Transform Your Social Media Marketing Presence

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