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Crab Hats and Camaraderie at Camden Yards

camden yards
The Adventure Web staff at their 2019 Game Night at Camden Yards

On Thursday, June 13th, Adventure Web’s employees enjoyed an evening at Camden Yards for ADVP’s 2019 Game Night. Many folks on the staff were keeping an eye on the weather leading up to game day, as rain and wind were forecasted to hit Baltimore that afternoon. Since the Orioles were set to give out their highly-coveted crab hats to fans that night, the stakes were high. Still, employees and their guests showed up at Camden Yards in their matching ADVP Game Night shirts and hoped for the best.

Pre-Game Festivities

Although rain did sweep through the city shortly before the game, the O’s avoided a rainout. Orange-clad ADVP employees got their crab hats, and all was right with the world. Employees and their guests headed to the Designated Hitters Lounge on the fourth floor of the Ballpark Warehouse for a pre-game dinner and drinks. Dinner included ballpark favorites like hot dogs, crab chips, and Budweiser alongside other options like chicken sandwiches, pasta salad, and fresh fruit. Although the food was great, the real star of dinner was the view from the DH Lounge. Attendees got the opportunity to chat with coworkers from different departments over dinner, all with a view of the Inner Harbor on one side and a view of the ballpark on the other. At some point during dinner, a rainbow appeared over Baltimore. Was this a good omen for the Orioles’ impending game?

How ‘Bout Them O’s?

As it turned out, no. The Orioles lost to Toronto Blue Jays 3-12. For a while there, our O’s tied things up 2-2, but three runs from the Jays in the next inning quashed nearly all hope for an Orioles victory. The following seven runs were just overkill. Despite the Orioles’ performance, the ADVP team had a great time in the stands. A few employees who were not well-versed in baseball cheered for any play, regardless of the team who benefitted. Many Orioles fans could be heard throughout the game expressing their expectation for their team to lose. Attendees used the game as a chance to talk and have fun with their coworkers while enjoying the experience of being at Camden Yards, watching the game, and grabbing a beer or two.

Victory and Loss

Although the O’s did not secure a W that night, the Adventure Web team did. While game nights and company outings are certainly a way to reward employees for their hard work, they are also an investment in company culture and staff development. A team that can have fun, get along, and communicate well with each other has a greater ability to come together and perform when it’s crunch time. In that respect, marketing and web design aren’t all that different from baseball. Maybe the Orioles just need to watch a game or two.

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