Trending Topics: Consumers Look for Money-Saving Tips

According to research by the Google Global Markets Insights staff, money-saving searches have spiked worldwide. With rising gas prices and surging living costs like rent and utility bills, millions of like-minded individuals worldwide are looking for cheaper alternatives related to other expenses.

ADVP Money SavingFor two months, from February through April of 2022, Google surveyed at least 20 countries worldwide, and the results showed that 70 percent of those individuals are worried about the costs it takes to survive and live a substantial life. Google searches also indicated as much. Many often contain one word, the word cheap.

Whether it is “cheap food near me” or even travel-related searches like “cheap flight tickets” and “cheapest countries to visit,” people worldwide are yearning for money-saving discounts. The following is an in-depth look at some money-saving-specific related searches that were frequently searched by millions of people worldwide.

Cheapest Country To Visit

This inquiry has become famous overnight as search results have increased 7,000 percent in the past year. Top searches include the following:

  • Cheapest countries to visit
  • Cheapest countries to visit from India
  • Cheapest countries to visit from Europe
  • Cheapest countries to visit from the UK

Cheap Flight Tickets

With the approaching summer months, this is a widely used search among consumers. This search has risen over 100 percent globally within the past calendar year. Here are a few specific inquiries on the minds of millions of people.

  • Book cheap flight tickets
  • Cheap flight tickets to India
  • How to get cheap flight tickets
  • How to book cheap flight tickets

Cheap Food Near Me

Food prices have increased at nearly every restaurant and grocery store. Consumers are looking for relief, and this search has become a newfound appreciation for users.

  • Good cheap food near me
  • Best cheap food near me
  • Healthy cheap food near me
  • Cheap food near me open now

Cost-Effective Digital Marketing


The term money-saving isn’t just related to consumers. Even businesses search for money-saving tips during tough economic times. One way they do so is by using cost-effective techniques. Many companies often use Social Media as a substitute for traditional marketing and advertising methods. Nearly all platforms are free, which is a prudent way to broadcast or communicate a particular brand.

During the era of COVID-19, maintaining business expenses and saving money are even more critical. A visually aesthetic website for a company, no matter how big or small is essential for several reasons. Not only can a business establish a rapport with customers, but it can also maximize the web searchability of your specific content. For example, a fencing company may produce blogs about various ideas related to fences. More importantly, cost-effective digital marketing can ultimately increase savings on advertising

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