Bing brings Facebook

Facebook and Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, recently announced a partnership that makes Facebook pages even more essential for search engine optimization (SEO). As this article points out, the partnership will include many features such as adding friends and sending Facebook messages directly from Bing.  But here’s the lowdown with SEO.

When a Facebook user enters a search in Bing, pages “liked” by his or her friends on Facebook will rank higher than other pages.  The goal then for businesses would be to set up Facebook pages, and get as many users as possible to “like” it.

Facebook users will have the choice of opting out of this feature, and if they don’t make their “likes” public to their friends, those “likes” won’t affect search results.  To learn more about SEO and how to improve your business’s rankings, contact us. We’ll put our expertise to work for you.