Best Practices for Marketing Your Business with LinkedIn Newsletters

Adventure Web Interactive LinkedIn newslettersDo you want to start connecting with your LinkedIn company page followers through LinkedIn newsletters? Are you searching for different ways to make content and achieve your marketing goals on the social media platform? This article will provide information on the best practices for marketing your content.

The Purpose of LinkedIn Newsletters

A LinkedIn newsletter is essentially a tool that allows you to post a series of articles on the social media platform. In addition, LinkedIn newsletters let individual members subscribe and get notifications about new issues. Starting March 2022, your company page can publish a LinkedIn newsletter as long as it meets the following requirements:

  • Has a minimum of 150 followers
  • Has an active history of publishing original posts, articles, or videos
  • Complies with LinkedIn’s Professional Community Policies

Reasons for Why Your Business Should Create a LinkedIn Newsletter

Furthermore, here are four reasons why your company page should consider making LinkedIn newsletters.

Helpful Tips for Promoting LinkedIn Newsletters

Moreover, use these best practices to optimize your business’s value from its LinkedIn newsletters, promote your company page’s content, and build your audience.


Overall, LinkedIn newsletters provide businesses with an excellent option for connecting with prospective audiences. Also, you can use LinkedIn newsletters to build your company page, market your business, and achieve key marketing goals with a regular publishing schedule. So, don’t wait and launch that newsletter for your LinkedIn company page!

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