All About Social Bookmarking


Take advantage of social bookmarking during your marketing campaign.

When any company unveils a marketing campaign, it should reach as many people as possible for the least amount of money.  There are the traditional social media platforms that are widely used such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. There are several websites that can help drive traffic to your site while organizing and managing your web pages and posts, known as social bookmarking sites.  These sites are the most efficient and optimized way to have your web content reach the most people as possible.  

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a relatively new and innovate way to promote your website and content.  You can share a variety of content to these bookmarking sites, and you can categorize each post with tags or keywords, so your content can be found easily.  The more tags and keywords you assign to each post the easier it will be to search and find.  There a few social bookmarking sites that you should utilize during your marketing campaign.


Known to many as a social news site, Digg allows users to keep up with current events and focuses on blog or story submissions.  A voting system allowing users to vote a post “up or down controls the amount of exposure a new post receives.  The post with the most positive votes or “diggs” makes the front page of the site.  Digg currently averages 45 million visitors a month, so it would be vital for your business to take advantage of this site.  


With this service, users can rate a variety of content from websites to pictures and videos.  Users are put into virtual communities based on similar interest such as technology or fashion.  Links and posts are displayed to these communities based on a “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” voting system.  So if your content receives many “thumbs up” votes, then it will reach an exponential amount of people and social communities on StumbleUpon.  

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