Adventure Web Productions Launches New Site: Catering by Alan Weiss

baltimore kosher catering

Adventure Web Productions launched Catering by Alan Weiss’ new website today! Go to www.cateringbyalanweiss.com to see it.

Catering by Alan Weiss was founded in 1989 by Fred and Alan Weiss, two brothers determined to make kosher food fun, affordable and accessible. Together, they created Catering by Weiss and began providing Maryland food with impeccable taste, service, and presentation. By the time of its sale in 2002, the company was recognized as the top kosher caterer in Baltimore and Washington. In 2010, Alan Weiss bought the company back and re-instituted it as Catering by Alan Weiss.

The company takes pride in their expert handling of parties both large and small and events ranging from weddings, to bar-bat mitzvah’s, to conventions, to banquets. Their chefs’ food is spectacular in both taste and appearance, while their maitre d’s service is seamless throughout the reception, dinner, and dessert.

Over and over, Catering by Alan Weiss has demonstrated utmost dedication to the customers’ needs and desires. Their free-of-charge party planners assist in developing the perfect visual and culinary theme to make the celebration as memorable as possible. The company stays up to date on current trends and works closely with their clients, creating a unique, highly customized catering experience.

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