Adventure Web Launches New Site: AFP Logistics


Adventure Web is proud to announce the launch of our latest site for AFP Logistics!

AFP Logistics is one of the nation’s leading providers of global freight shipping services to a wide variety of industries across the globe for over 20 years, providing logistics solutions to handle the transport of any number or kind of commodities to virtually any location. Our dedicated teams of logistics and transport professionals take great pride in their customer service and offer highly customizable solutions that are guaranteed to fit your business.

AFP Logistics has the experience and resources necessary to seamlessly integrate into your company’s purchasing and shipping department, to develop a distribution program that’s tailored to your businesses’ unique needs. AFP has handled logistics for everything ranging from trade shows, to events, to manufacturing and retail. We make sure every moving piece of your business gets to where it needs to be, quickly, affordably, and intact. AFP Logistics is dedicated to bringing your business the most efficient and cost effective service available. You can start improving your business today, fill out this quick form

To find out more about AFP Logistics simply visit their new website or contact them here.

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