Adventure Web Helps You Make the Most of YouTube Advertising


Here are some reasons why advertising on YouTube is guaranteed to enhance your business’ web presence.

With 4,950,000,000 YouTube videos being viewed daily, it is no wonder why YouTube has become one of the largest avenues for advertising in the Digital Age. Even though YouTube makes video-sharing quick and easy, the average user spends 40 minutes watching videos per session. These 40 minutes allow for each viewer to be exposed to many advertisements. Here are some reasons why advertising on YouTube is guaranteed to enhance your business’ web presence.

Considerable Volume

Nearly 1.3 billion people use YouTube to watch and share videos online. That is almost one-third of all people who use the Internet! Between these 1.3 billion people using YouTube, 5 billion videos are viewed every single day. With constant advancements in technology making YouTube more accessible than ever before, the website’s already massive popularity is only going to continue growing. The video-sharing site provides to your company the potential to reach millions of viewers in a single day.

Specific Audience

Despite the high volume of viewers on the site at any given moment, the ability to target specific viewers is one of the biggest benefits of advertising through YouTube. The site makes it easy for you to select precisely who you want to see your ads by giving you very specific targeting options, such as topic interest, demographics, keywords, placements, and categories. Once you’ve selected your target audience, your ads will be delivered to those who are most likely to use your services. Where old-fashioned TV ads cast a broad net, YouTube enhances your advertising by getting to your specific audience.

Know What You’re Getting

Another great advantage of using YouTube as a way to advertise is that you’re able to see how much traffic your advertisements are getting. Unlike traditional TV ads, YouTube ads can be tracked by utilizing clicks. YouTube’s Analytics also allows you to see when users have stopped watching your ads as well as how often other users are viewing them, providing crucial information that you can use to make your ads more relevant to your target audience in the future.


You have a lot of options when it comes to social media advertising, and each social media platform is different. That’s why it’s best for both you and your business to work with Adventure Web Interactive, a fully FAA licensed and issued drone video company. Adventure Web Interactive will elevate your social media presence and help your business stay relevant in the 21st century.

Adventure Web Interactive Knows How to Reach Your Followers

Adventure Web Interactive can help you advertise your business by utilizing YouTube. We have our own in-house, video production, and we can track the results of your campaign. AWI’s award-winning 20 years’ experience in web marketing is second to none. For more tips on how to optimize your web content and drive more traffic to your website, follow our blog. Adventure Web Interactive offers expert marketing solutions, including blog and copywriting and social media management. Take the stress of planning, posting, and plotting off of your team and contact us online or by giving us a call at (410) 788-7007. To see more information about our team and services, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn.