Adventure Web’s CEO Featured in Retail Today’s 2023 Executive Round Table

retail today executive round table

Adventure Web’s Craig Kahl is featured in Retail Today’s Q2 2023 Executive Round Table.

Adventure Web’s CEO and President, Craig Kahl, is currently featured in Retail Today’s Q2 2023 Executive Round Table. The issue, viewable online, curates insights from industry leaders on how retailers across the country are keeping pace with the ever-accelerating technological curve. How are industry members pioneering innovative approaches to position themselves for success and drive profitability? You can read opinions and insights from dozens of eCommerce industry leaders in Retail Today’s magazine. 

You can read Adventure Web CEO Craig Kahl’s contribution in the online issue, and below: 

Retailers who can adapt to modern technology are best able to capitalize on the many new ways to track customer behavior and understand what they respond to. For instance, using a tool like Heatmaps can provide you with visual representations of what your customers are coming to your site for, what design elements appeal to them, and what you can do to maintain their interest. Designing sites optimized for mobile use is also critical, as many shoppers are browsing on their phones. Monitoring ads on social media is also a great way to determine which posts attract the most attention. Some retailers may be more interested in sticking to traditional forms of marketing that expect customers to come to the site and find what they want. However, in today’s world, retailers need to increasingly take steps to meet consumers where they live in the digital landscape.

You may also read more thoughts from Adventure Web published weekly on Retail Today’s website. 

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