3 Twitter Marketing Trends That You Need To Be Aware Of

TwitterFor your business to expand to its brand and reach a wider audience, it is critical that you take advantage of social media, specifically Twitter.  When it comes to improving your marketing strategy, your company needs to utilize Twitter and stay constantly active.  Twitter is one of the best platforms to connect with your target audience and maintain relationships.  You should pay attention to a few of the current Twitter marketing trends so you can adapt them to your marketing plan.  

Live Broadcasting

One of the most popular and widely recognized trends is live broadcasting, especially considering that Twitter purchased the live video tool Periscope in 2015.  Over 10 million people are registered to Periscope, and there are close to two million daily users.  You have the potential to reach a larger audience than you have right now.  Live broadcasting allows you to interact with people in real time and have healthy conversations.  You can let people see behind the scenes of your company, so they connect with you on a deeper level.

Customer Service

Twitter is one of the most effective platforms to connect with your customers and solve any potential issues.  Many brands have created accounts to address any customer service requests or problems in-depth.  You can get in front of an issue with a customer and resolve it quickly continuing a relationship with that individual.  

In-App Features

One trend that is constantly expanding is the integration of in-app features on Twitter that encourage users to stay on the social media platform.  Twitter has introduced a GIF button so users can send funny and entertaining reactions without going to another app to do so.  Twitter now has in-app music streaming service that reduces the chances of users leaving the app.  Your business should take advantage of Twitter’s in-app features.

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