5 Tips for Boosting Your Facebook Likes

5 Tips for Boosting Your Facebook Likes

By making your information as thorough and detailed as possible on your page, you will be more accessible to potential clients who are seeking out your services.

While Facebook is an excellent networking tool for your business, fighting for engagement is always a challenge when it comes to making your page stand out from the rest. If you’re looking to up your social engagement game this year, consider these five easy tips for boosting your Facebook likes with each post.

Provide Detailed Information on Your Page

Take advantage of every opportunity to provide information about your business on your social media pages, particularly on Facebook, as business pages are now a frequently cited source of information and reviews. One way to do this is to ensure that your “About Us” section is completed with all necessary information about your business such as location, hours of operation, and top reviews from clients or customers. By making your information as thorough and detailed as possible on your page, you will be more accessible to potential clients who are seeking out your services.

Display the Very Best of Your Business with Eye Catching Photos

The visual elements and the brand consistency of your page play a huge role in the success of your social media presence. Similar to the need for compelling visual elements on a website, the quality, colors, and consistency of your photos are especially crucial for attracting and maintaining a high volume of impressions on your Facebook page.

Utilize Cross Promoting for All of Your Social Platforms

The most effective campaigns are those that utilize cross promotion on multiple platforms for contests or other forms of engagement. An example of this is would be promoting an Instagram or Facebook photo contest on Twitter in order to circulate traffic through your social platforms.

Post Quality Content Consistently

By generating relevant, quality content for your page each day, you are not only promoting time-sensitive campaigns, but also circulating your brand with engaging information. With this, filling your page with compelling photos, videos, and articles, helps to generate a continuous stream of opportunities for engagement, as well as for gaining new followers over time.

Time Your Posts for Optimal Engagement

Posting your content at the right time can be a particularly useful strategy for building engagement on your site, as certain times of the day are more effective for posting than others. For example, posting around lunch time during the week day is often more effective because more people are checking their social media on their lunch break, while posting earlier in the day on weekends seems to reach a larger audience as well.

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