5 Questions Everyone Should Ask When Hiring a Blog Writing Service

Given the importance of a social media presence for businesses in today’s media-craving world, a well-maintained blog is a necessity. Of course, writing isn’t everyone’s forte—and it doesn’t have to be. There’s an overwhelming number of blog writing service companies out there that would love to manage your blog, and choosing the right one is essential.

Blog writing isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal; you want to hire a service that best fits the needs of your business and its social media presence. A business owner should be asking multiple questions when selecting a blog writing service, and the following questions are some of the most important ones you could ask.blog-writing-service

1. Will my blog content be optimized for search engines?

We live in an age where arguments are settled by seeking the answer through search engines to find the answer once and for all. With so much reliance on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Search, there’s no excuse for blog content to be written without search engine optimization (or SEO). Most people stick to navigating the first page of results when using a search engine, and a good blog writing service knows how to get content on that first page of results.

2. Do you have a portfolio of your work, and/or references?

Part of a blog writing service’s job is persuasion; content should engage the reader, and by the end of it, make them view the blog’s company in an appealing light. A blog writer can give you plenty of reasons why you should hire them, but if they don’t have examples or references to back them up, this should be a red flag. You should want to see what they are capable of beforehand, rather than finding out later their writing doesn’t match up to your expectations.

3. Which companies, or industries, does your service currently work with?

This goes partly in hand with the previous question, but is an important subject on its own. If you own a landscaping company, and you consider hiring a blog writing service that has never written for anything within the realm of landscaping (or even construction, for that matter), you may wish to ask for a writing sample first. This will give you an opportunity to decide if the service’s writers are able to create attractive content for your business.

4. What level of involvement in the blog writing process can I expect?

Preparation is important when it comes to managing your company’s social media. If you will need to e-mail the service weekly with a topic for content, you should know that ahead of time. Furthermore, you want to be sure to hire a service in line with your ideal level of involvement. Perhaps you DO want to e-mail them weekly with a topic, but they only write freelance; would you be comfortable with that? Discussing your desired level of involvement upfront will prevent miscommunications with the blog writing service in the future.

5. Are you a local service, and if not, how do you handle regular communication with non-local clients?

While it may not be important for you to hire a blog writing service that is local, this is still a very important question to ask. Why? Because if you have questions or concerns about the service you are receiving, you should be able to easily get in contact with the company when you need to. If you or the person(s) in charge of your company’s media presence are in a different time zone from the blog writing service, you should know when and how they can be contacted. There’s few things worse than waiting days for a response due to unestablished contact agreements.

Adventure Web Interactive Can Answer Those Questions, and More

If you’ve decided hiring a blog writing service is a step in the direction of success for your company (hint—it is!), let Adventure Web Interactive show you what peace of mind is when it comes to social media marketing. Contact us online or over the phone at (410) 788-7007 or (866) 488-8644 for a free consultation.