5 branding tips for social media

We came across this article from Entrepreneur magazine and wanted to pass it on.  It succinctly describes the ways small businesses can utilize social media to build their brands.  We’d like to make it more succinct by highlighting the main points.

  1. You can have one core social medium be your core destination, but make sure you’re present on multiple media to direct users to that core.
  2. Continually develop meaningful content to attract the attention of readers and search engines.
  3. Become an active participant in the blogs and fora that your target audience frequents.
  4. Engage the content of those who influence your target audience by commenting on their blog posts, retweeting their posts, and even introducing yourself if appropriate.
  5. Limit your self-promotional activity.  Helpful advice attracts potential customers; shilling will drive them away.

We hope these tips will help your social media marketing efforts in the coming year.  For more advice or assistance in developing your social media efforts, contact us.