4 Ways Copywriting Boosts Your Conversion Rates


Hiring a professional copywriter is a great way to help your business make a good first impression as well as boost your ranking and conversion rates!

Your heading and logo look absolutely wonderful, those Twitter and Instagram icons really leap off the webpage, and your mobile friendly interface is really something to be proud of. While all of these things going into shaping your customer’s experience on your website, the copy is the real star of the show.

The Art of Copy

Copy, in any medium, forms the foundation of your company or brand. Customers want to see and hear how you describe yourself and the services you offer so that they can form an opinion on you. Are you bold? Eccentric? Adorable? Radical? All of these should come across in your copywriting.

Beyond conveying a general attitude to the consumer, online copy is essential for getting across information about your products or services and increasing conversion rates. Customers that took the time to search for your website want clear and concise information on what exactly you do and why they need it. Countless websites focus on getting every aspect of the design perfect (looking at you, Twitter and Instagram icons) but completely neglect their copy. As a result, conversion rates suffer.

Copy and Conversion Rates

Three of the biggest challenges websites face are informing potential customers about products and services and their benefits, evoking emotions that help sway the visitor, and fostering a long-term relationship by expressing to the customer what you believe and demonstrating how it aligns with their personal beliefs. Many of these can be met head-on with good copywriting. How can you ensure your copy is doing its job?

Write for Your Audience

Just like your company has a brand, all of your customers have a personal brand. By taking your customer profile into account, your copywriters can craft expert copy. Are your visitors method-oriented and logical? Is your typical visitor someone impulsive seeking a reason to buy your product? Research your customers and how they fit into the four core personas (logical, impulsive, caring, and aggressive) to determine how to craft your copy and maximize conversion rates.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Using Power and Action Words

Copy that emotionally engages your customers needs to contain power and action words that evoke potent emotions. Power words like “staggering” are not typically used in everyday conversation, so your usage will catch the reader’s eye and help your otherwise-dull copywriting come to life. After you inspire your readers with power words, encourage them to make a decision using action words. By prompting your readers to make a decision, you help increase your conversion rates.

Don’t Forget Formatting

People visiting your website do not sit down and read your webpage like a book. Instead, they scan the page in an F-shaped pattern (left column, then right side, then down the page). If your copy isn’t properly distributed on the page, it will be skipped over. Be sure to follow an information hierarchy and two-column layout to provide the maximum information and ensure your customer will read it.


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