3 Ways to Increase Your Website’s Credibility on Google Search

advp increase your website's credibility on google search

Learn three simple ways to increase your website’s credibility on Google Search.

To establish credibility for your website, you don’t just need to convince your audience but Google as well. If the search engine recognizes your site as an authority in your field, your website will appear more often in your target audience’s Google searches. This increases the likelihood of your site being discovered by new people and gaining a larger following. While producing relevant, reliable content is crucial for building credibility; there are three ways you can specifically increase your website’s credibility on Google Search. 

Create High-Quality Backlinks

First, create high-quality backlinks for your website. Backlinks are links between sites that help increase your website’s credibility on Google Search. When other high-quality websites link back to your website, it is a signal to Google that you are a reliable source. If your blog or website is new, you can reach out to get those backlinks in a few ways: 

  • Reach out to blogs or businesses in your niche, and let them know you wrote a useful blog post that could help their audience. 
  • You can foster these relationships by commenting on other business’ blogs and sharing their content and tagging them in social posts
  • Besides sharing your content, you can pitch a guest blog post. In that guest submission, include links to posts and pages on your website. 

Keep Your Website Content Fresh

You can increase your website’s credibility on Google by keeping your content fresh and updated. You can do this easily by making sure to publish new blog posts, and updating or refreshing old blog posts if you make significant changes that affect the content. You can update past blog posts by editing, adding the new information or fixing broken links, and updating the date to today’s date. This will make the blog appear on the blog landing page and attract more readers. 

Use Google My Business

A Google business listing is another signal of your website’s credibility. A listing can also help you rank higher in local searches. You can also encourage customers to review your business on Google My Business, which helps increase your ranking significantly. 

Increasing your website’s credibility isn’t something that can happen overnight, but with dedication and attention to detail, you can move your business up to the top of Google Search. 

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