3 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Video Marketing Strategy

Facebook is a valuable marketing tool!

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with hundreds of millions of users every single day. This popularity makes it a fantastic place to market your business. One way you can do that is by posting video content to your Business Facebook page. Facebook video marketing can really boost your visibility, as long as you remember some key factors!

The Four Second Rule

When creating your Facebook video content, you want to show or say something within the first four seconds of the video that makes the viewer want to know more. Intriguing visuals, fun or interesting facts, sometimes even a catchy song can be enough to draw someone in. It takes a viewer roughly four seconds to decide if they want to continue watching a video or not. Make your four seconds count!

Live Videos

Live videos are great for giving your followers a behind the scenes tour of your business. Before your broadcast, advertise it on your page. Create an event and get the audience excited to see your content. During your broadcast, be sure to introduce yourself and give some background information about the video. This will be helpful for people who aren’t following your page that want to know what they are watching. Make sure you accomplish the objective of the broadcast and don’t get super distracted. It is important to engage with viewers but not so much that it takes away from the quality of the information. Be sure to end the live video with a call to action, such as asking viewers to “like” and “follow” your page to learn more.

Run a Facebook Ad Campaign

Whenever you post on your business’s Facebook page, you have the option to “boost” the post. To get more views on your Facebook video, you can boost it. Since videos are so popular, boosting your video is a great way to make sure as many people as possible see it. Facebook has many options for boosting business posts so you can choose whichever one works for you.

Create the Perfect Facebook Video Marketing Strategy with Adventure Web Interactive

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