3 Tips For Using Twitter To Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Learn how to use twitter to improve your marketing strategy and expand your brand at the same time.

Any business or company that wants to expand their brand effectively is taking advantage of social media.  Twitter is an essential platform to use for any marketing campaign because you have the ability to reach a wide range of people with just one post.  The social media platform has more than 313 million monthly active users, and many of them are a part of the younger demographic.  As Twitter continues to evolve, you can use it wisely to help build engagement with your target audience and improve your marketing strategy at the same time.  

Plan Your Tweets

One of the most critical components for any social media strategy is timing.  You should know the best times to post during the day and craft those tweets ahead of time.  You should take advantage of posting tools such as Hootsuite where you can schedule posts across multiple platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin.  It is efficient to plan your tweets for special marketing campaigns such as those that pertain to holidays or specific events.  The earlier in advance you plan your posts, the more time you have to create high-quality content.  With Hootsuite, you can edit posts closer to their scheduled post date so you can add timely content to make it more relevant.  

Have a Conversation

Two-way communication is an effective aspect of any marketing strategy, and Twitter is an easy way to engage with your target audience.  Make sure when you are tweeting and creating content for the purpose of having a conversation with your followers.  When crafting posts, try to put them in the form of a question or have them open to interaction.  You want to create relationships with your followers and show them that you are personable.  Your content on Twitter should consist of responses or replies to other users, not just one-sided tweets you posted.

Don’t Forget to Tweet

You want to be as active as possible on any social media platform especially Twitter.  An effective marketing strategy requires a business to be visible and continuously active on Twitter.  If you just tweet here and there, your audience will forget you quickly.

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