Benefits of a Facebook Cover Video for Your Business

Benefits of a Facebook Cover Video for Your Business

Take your business’s Facebook profile to the next level with a cover video!

Facebook is constantly changing and updating different ways to connect people to businesses and to each other. A relatively new feature that they have added is the ability to add a video as your business profile’s cover. This is the banner at the top of your business Facebook page that, for most businesses, is just a photo. Take your business’s Facebook profile to the next level with a cover video!

Showcase Your Products

If your business is one that sells a certain type of product, your Facebook cover video is a great way to show it off. Clothing, cutlery, cleaning products, and more can all be showcased right there at the top of your company’s Facebook page. Since Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms available right now, you will be able to show your products to even more people!

Introduce Your Team

Behind every great company, there’s a team of employees that makes it great. For your Facebook cover video, give your team some face time. Show potential customers the faces behind the name. It can help your customers feel a more personal connection to your brand. Take it a step further by showing short clips of your team in their working environment. This will give customers a more in-depth look at the people behind their favorite products or services.

Tour Your Location

If you really want to give customers an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at your business, make your Facebook cover video a tour of your facilities. When filming your tour, keep it simple. Just show the highlights. Remember, your video shouldn’t be any longer than 90 seconds. For example, a car dealership might show a view of the showroom, service department, sales desks, and possibly a waiting area. Show all the best parts of your business.

Describe Services

If you have a business that offers services instead of products, your Facebook cover video would give a brief overview of the services you offer. A single still image can be crowded and chaotic to look at. With a video, you can tell customers about your services in a neat and creative way.

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