3 Tips To Help Your Marketing Content Go Viral

Celebrities are not the only ones on the internet that can create content that goes viral reaching the masses.  With the right strategy and tactics, your small business can create viral marketing content that connects with people beyond your target audience.  Creating viral content allows people outside of your target market discover your brand.  When you create marketing content, you want it to relate to as many people as possible.  Luckily, there a few simples you should follow when creating potential viral marketing content.

Visually Appealing

When it comes to viral content, in almost every single case, each post had a visual component tied to it.  If you want to craft viral content, make sure you include an image or video that will be engaging to an audience.  Make sure that the visual piece of your content aligns well with your brand and connects with your target audience.  The visual component should humourous and surprising so that it catches a viewer off-guard in a positive way.  

Make It A List

You want to create content that is simple for anyone to comprehend, so an article that is in a list format will be easy for a reader to understand.  A list is an effective way to organize information, and it makes it easy for anyone to skim through your post and take away the main idea.  People enjoy sharing lists because they usually don’t take a lot of time to read and then to share with their friends.

Work Emotions

People tend to react based off of their emotions so you want to create content that will trigger an emotion whether it is humor/happiness or sadness.  Creating content that will make people laugh is an effective way of it going viral.  People love to share funny or humorous content, so make sure you know what makes your target audience laugh.  It all comes to tapping into the emotions of your target audience.

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