4 Questions to Ask About Your Business Website

Business Website

Is your business website optimized for today’s web environment? Here are some questions to ask.

Nowadays, your business website creates the first impression most of your potential customers have about your company. Details that may seem minor at first glance can actually have a major impact on how much traffic your website is generating. In turn, this can also greatly influence the number of qualified sales leads entering your sales funnel and your company’s bottom line. Pay close attention to your website and give it the care and upkeep it requires, helping it stay up-to-date as SEO and design principles develop and evolve. Is your business website optimized for today’s web environment? Here are four questions to consider.

1. Is Your Site Responsive?

It’s a fact that more web traffic and search queries are coming from mobile platforms than desktop computers. If your business website isn’t equipped to handle mobile traffic, it can mean the loss of valuable potential customers due to UX issues. Also, Google has indicated that, going forward, websites that are not responsive will not rank as high in search as those that are. If you don’t have a responsive business website, you need to address this problem as soon as you can.

2. Do You Have an SSL Installed on Your Website?

An SSL certificate is another major piece of a website that is practically required for businesses. Last October, Google announced that their Chrome web browser would display security warnings to any user trying to access a website with a regular HTTP web address. Sites with an SSL certificate installed are transmitted over the HTTPS protocol and are intended to provide a level of protection to any data inputs by the user. So, e-commerce sites use SSL certificates to protect the transmission of sensitive financial information. If your business website has any forms whatsoever that your visitors can fill out, you need to have an SSL certificate installed.

3. Is Your Website Optimized for Speed?

Slow loading times can frustrate users and lead them to find another option. Did you know that, according to Kissmetrics, 40% of mobile internet users will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load? Speed is critical for capturing your potential audience – consider how your website can be improved if it is slow-loading. Implementing a CDN, using newer, less load-heavy image formats, and minimizing JavaScript and CSS on your page can all help speed up your site.

4. Have You Grown Your Backlinks?

Backlinks on your website are critical pieces of your search engine optimization strategy. Google’s algorithms throughout the years have placed a high value on the accumulation of backlinks on your website. If you haven’t been able to grow your backlinks through regular blogging, make a late New Year’s Resolution to commit to it. You’ll see results in the form of higher search rankings, more referral traffic, and more sales!

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