3 Reasons Your Company Should Be Using Pinterest

pinterestKnown for making mason jars trendy, Pinterest is a social bookmarking site where users can save and share photos of their favorite interests, hobbies, and events.  Pinterest has gained popularity since its launch in 2010, being used mainly by millennials and garnering over 150 million users worldwide a month.  Your company can take advantage of this growing platform and gain more traffic to your website.  It all starts with a simple pin.  

Website Traffic

The main advantage of Pinterest is that it is great to refer traffic back to a website.  Recipes are widely shared on Pinterest, and when someone looks up one on Pinterest, they go directly to that cooking blog.  Gaining website traffic from Pinterest starts with engaging content.  Focus on creating content that relates to your target audience and use a visual that is eye catching.  Be sure your content can be “pinned” and you can easily install a “pin it” button on your company site.

Audience Insight

Pinterest is a great source to see what topics and interests are currently trending from a day-to-day basic.  You can see what your target audience is pinning and posting about at any moment and you can create content catering to your audience very easily.  Pinterest is a great way to get in the mind of your audience, and it also allows you to be creative.  Using Pinterest is an efficient way to research your competitors and see how your services compare.  

Company Culture

Having your company on Pinterest allows users to see how you think and they are able to  engage with you directly.  You can create a board highlighting the daily operations of your office and you can post employee bios.  Employees can contribute to boards making your Pinterest page a collaborative effort.  Pinterest is an effective way of making your company as transparent as possible.  


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