12 SEO Tactics To Implement Right Now- Part II

seo tactics

Boosting your website traffic is easier than you think.

Welcome back! As we mentioned in Part I of the best SEO tactics that you should implement today, the importance of SEO continues to boost your businesses organic search traffic. Therefore, it’s critical to understand what SEO tactics can be used right now, for your business to reap unbelievable results. Here, are tactics 5 through 8.

5. Enhance Title And Description Tags

The best way to drive traffic is by using creative and fascinating titles and description tags. There are various ways to use Google’s Keyword Planner to develop more compelling titles and description tags for your website. In fact, optimizing keywords and phrases is a surefire way to give your pages a boost in traffic. Therefore, making sure you keep your titles to less than 60 words is one way to optimize and boost your website traffic.

6. Locate Keywords Using Reddit

One of the best sources of keywords that your audience is searching for is Reddit. In fact, the website is able to contain a variety of subreddits or forums that contain a wide array of topics. In this way, you can examine the myriad of conversations regarding your specific industry and tailor your content to your audience. Therefore, incorporating Reddit into your research can be a huge benefit for your overall website traffic.

7. Construct “What Is” Articles

Most people who are outside or unfamiliar with your specific industry will be looking for a “what is” article. In fact, most people unfamiliar with your niche industry may not understand most of the industry-specific language used in most of your blog articles. Therefore, it is often best to create “what is” articles so that more people will be drawn to your website based on curiosity.

8. Transcribe Company Videos

Using videos is a wonderful way to increase traffic to your site. However, simply adding videos won’t boost your SEO. In fact, to have videos really give your SEO a boost, you should create a transcript of a company video. By simply adding a transcript of the video to your video post, you instantly boost your website SEO ratings. In addition, creating an entire blog post about the video with the transcript can dramatically increase your SEO ratings.

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