Will you Wibiya?

A new social media application popping up on more and more websites is the Wibiya social toolbar. It resembles a true toolbar and resides at the bottom off website page.  It’s very customizable, so the toolbar will look different for every company, but you can expect to see the a company logo and the logos of other social media on it.

Alright, enough about what it looks like.  You want to know what it does.  Basically it links to your company’s social media and gives visitors a glimpse of these other pages without navigating away from your site.  So, if a visitor clicks the Facebook button on your Wibiya toolbar, a window opens displaying your company’s friends and fans and your Facebook wall.  Visitors can “Like” your page from the toolbar, read your Tweets, subscribe to your RSS feeds, and more.

Essentially, Wibiya makes it very easy for your site visitors to make a strong connection to your company through your social media quickly and easily.  These connections make it more likely for your visitors to become customers. You can read more about Wibiya here, and if you’re interested in adding Wibiya to your website or blog, contact your Adventure Web sale professional today.