Why is your Website Content Important?


While website design is always important, never forget that website content is king.

There is no question that a key component to a successful website is the design. When a new website is being created, a lot of time is dedicated to creating a design that is eye catching and effective. However, with so much time being dedicated to design, many businesses tend to slack on their website content. An oversight in website content could lead to an ineffective website as a whole.

Considering your Website Content

  • Search Engine Optimization- Design alone is not enough to convince Google of your superiority among your industry. Without the stellar content to back the stellar design, your website will fall flat. That is because when a site is crawled by search engines, it is being searched for useful content that includes links and keywords that are relevant to search terms.
  • Be Aware of Jargon- While there should be some focus on jargon and lingo that caters to the needs of SEO, it is important to keep in mind who will be reading your content. While you want search engines to approve of your content, humans will be the ones using your services or purchasing your products should they like your site. Present helpful information on your site that is organized and easy to read to gain more website traffic.
  • Know your Audience- While you keep in mind the audience you are writing for, it is also important to keep in mind what they will want to learn from your site. Take a look at what your business is and consider what people will look for while on your site. While a law firm may include biographies of each lawyer on staff, a restaurant may provide a menu and directions.
  • Blogging- Creating a blog for your site is a great way to add regular website content while being informative and detailed. A blog allows you to take vague topics and add detail that can help inform your audience. It also provides an easy way for individuals reading your blog to share the link, possibly in ways you wouldn’t have been able to, creating a better chance for high traffic.
  • Other Forms of Content- Content does not have to limited to words on your site. Other forms of content that visitors might find interesting include infographics, videos, and podcasts. Consider the questions that visitors will be asking and choose the best form to use to answer them.

Website Content with Adventure Web Interactive

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