What Do Agencies Include within an SEO Campaign?

What Do Agencies Include within an SEO Campaign?

What are you paying for when you sign up for SEO campaign services?

Businesses today are painfully aware of the fact that their websites are crucial to their operations. On the other hand, it’s easy to be mystified by the countless buzzwords and acronyms involved. You need SEO to help shoot your website to the top. But, what are you paying for when you sign up for some SEO campaign services? Read on to learn more!

On and Off-Page SEO

They are mundane terms, but they have a lot to do with your website’s ability to gain traffic. On-page SEO means anything that has to do with your website, things that you control like how you choose to create links, web design, etc. While off-page SEO is everything that you do not have direct control over. This includes things like link building any strategies that include websites that you do not own.

Sometimes, there is a bit of overlap between on-page SEO and off-page SEO. A few companies can exert more control over off-page SEO than others, all depending on how authoritative they act.

Technical SEO

SEO can be the architectural makeup of your website. Google looks at your technical SEO and wishes to see:

  • A linking structure that is logical and clean
  • Header tags that have been used correctly
  • 301 redirects
  • A decent loading speed for website pages
  • Mobile-friendly website design

All of these elements are quite simple. They’re a part of the makeup and foundation of your company website. They must be done correctly too. It is upon these basics that so many other aspects of your SEO campaign services rely on.

Top-Notch Content Creation with an SEO Campaign

A smart SEO strategy will only work if there is fantastic content there to help back it up. Without it, the entire effort becomes very pointless. Well-written, relevant, and informative content is the entire reason others will take your seriously, and it is why they’ll link to you. Great content is definitely a key aspect of your SEO campaign services.

Research on Your Competition with an SEO Campaign

Regardless of how ineffective or effective your SEO campaign might be, there is always the matter of seeing what all of your competitors are up to. Are they doing the things that you do? Something different? Are you behind or ahead of them in SEO rankings? Again, it is essential to know so you can develop a better strategy for improvement. One thing to know about is which keywords your competitors outrank you for too. This will give you a better idea of which keywords are industry-relevant and which ones are not.

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