website usability

Website Usability: Why User-Friendly Websites are Important

website usability

Adventure Web Interactive has over twenty years of experience in designing user-friendly websites.

Adventure Web Interactive has over twenty years of experience designing user-friendly websites for a broad range of clients across multiple industries. On average, a typical user browsing a website will spend about 10 seconds on your website’s homepage before deciding to leave. Typical reasons behind a user exiting your website rather than spending time browsing your services revolve around bad-UX design. Bad user experience design includes slow loading times, poor usability, and an overall lack of UX-friendly navigation. At Adventure Web Interactive, our experienced web designers understand how to develop a comprehensive UX-friendly web design that is easy to navigate and user-friendly. Here’s a top few reasons why user-friendly websites are essential in this current digital age. 

Website Usability Contributes to Your Customers Overall Client Experience at Home

When a customer visits your website for the first time, your web design will contribute to their client experience at home. If you’re incorporating outdated or bad web design practices tied to your company’s name, customers will likely search for alternative competitors whose websites are easier to navigate. With an average of 53% of all website traffic now derived from mobile devices, it’s critical to design your website to be mobile-optimized AND UX-friendly on a laptop or desktop. At Adventure Web Interactive, our professional web designers can work with your company to develop a customized website that’s UX-friendly and mobile optimized. This can help keep your customers engaged at home and contribute to a positive client experience.

Bad Web Design Can Deter Your Customers

Ultimately, bad web design can deter your customers from seeking out your services and contacting your company. This can potentially cost your business immeasurable losses in profit on an annual basis. Rather than hoping that your customers will rely on loving your specific brand enough to navigate your website’s quirks, you should optimize your website to provide the most user-friendly experience possible. In doing so, you might even find that your profits increase and your brand reaches beyond your current audience. Contact Adventure Web Interactive today for all of your web design needs!

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