Website Launch: Jet Blast Inc.

Website Launch Jet Blast Adventure Web InteractiveAdventure Web Interactive jovially welcomes Jet Blast Inc. to our family of ever-growing clients. Jet Blast provides and specializes in industrial and municipal cleaning services. Potential customers should also know that this company has an average employee tenure ranging anywhere from 15-25 years coupled with over forty years of experience. Jet Blast also offers readily available services, with them being able to service customers 365/24/7. Their core service areas include many states on the East Coast, including Maryland, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Northern VA, and Delaware. Let’s learn about a few of the many superb services that Jet Blast Inc. offers. 

Industrial Vacuuming

Four words that Jet Blast can stand by are: no sludge left behind. As a part of their industrial services, they provide wet or dry vacuuming services which can remove thick and sludgy materials that traditional cleaning methods cannot remove. If any materials are blocking your sump pumps, tanks, sewers, or pics, or you’re interested in other services, call this number: 800-536-2527 or 410-636-0730. 

Stormwater Management

When storm drains have mismanaged buildup, the effects can be damaging and long-lasting. Jet Blast Inc. can take care of blocked drains to prevent erosion, property damage, hazardous driving conditions, and flooding. Check your Best Management Practices (BPM) to clarify when it’s time to have your storm drain cleaned. 

Hydro Excavation

Jet Blast uses their HYDRO VAC trucks with high-pressure water and an air vacuum to remove soil and then transfer it to a debris tank to excavate soil to local underground utilities. This process is safe, doesn’t damage any existing utilities, won’t slice through cables or pipes, and will help customers navigate through a debris-filled construction site. 

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