Web Design Success for Baltimore’s Small Businesses

Web Design Baltimore Small-BusinessThe web is a place of great diversity and great opportunity; businesses both large and small, from New York to Baltimore, can achieve enormous success through a strong online presence. Startups and small businesses especially have the potential to provide customers with products and personality that perhaps are more unique or engaging than larger businesses. However, small businesses may have to be more careful as to how they create and maintain their online presence, since they lack the copious resources and established customer base of larger businesses.

In particular, good web design is crucial to small businesses. As often as your customers have heard “don’t judge a book by its cover,” evaluation based on appearance is the only way on an Internet overflowing with websites. First impressions matter the most on the web. Your website’s design has only a split second to capture a potential customer’s attention. Anything from font to color can make the difference between a sale and a loss.

Here are several crucial factors for small businesses to keep in mind when planning their web design:

Quality over Urgency

Though you may be eager to begin implementing changes to your web design, it’s essential to know your needs before investing hours and effort in your website. Think about who your audience is. Consider their likely gender, age, and profession? Once you’ve developed an image of what your audience is like, you can tailor your web design to their needs and desires. If you know you have a female audience, you may consider using pastel colors on your website. An older audience will require a large, easy to read font. Bankers and lawyers may be more enticed by an austere website design than a playful one.

Budget and Company

Budget determines how much you your small business can invest in your web design efforts. It’s important to use your resources well by choosing an optimal web design company. Local web design companies will be both available for meetings and be in touch with the local scene. Additionally, the company should demonstrate quality work and dedication to small businesses; you need to know they will contribute enough time and talent towards improving web design.

Function over Form

Appearance does matter; but so does usability. Flashy or overcomplicated web design can give your small business personality and flair, but it may also confuse customers. The arrangement and appearance of information on a website must make it easy for customers to see what your website can do for them. Especially in the age of mobile, clarity is key.

Be Up to Date

If either your web design or information appears dated, customers—especially members of the younger generation—are likely to dismiss your small business. Like your products and posts, your web design should be fresh and modern.

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