Has Vine Hit its Peak?

vineIn the past four months many top executives and business leaders have left Vine, Twitter’s short-form video service that debuted just three years ago. And while Vine remains culturally significant, the service has appeared to hit a roadblock.

Growth (Or Lack Thereof)

Vine has a dedicated user base, but it’s a service that’s no longer growing. According to comScore, Vine is down to 24 million visitors from 30 million last year, and has since been passed by Snapchat. Vine was a top-100 free app for the iPhone in over a dozen countries a year ago, but now only just one and has fallen below rank 150 in the U.S. store. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Vine’s audience is shrinking.


The number of recent departures at Vine is too long to list, but some notables include the heads of engineering, business development and operations, user experience, product management and editorial. Many of the departures have coincided with the appointment of Hannah Donovan, a company outsider who co-founded the now defunct music service This Is My Jam, to the role of General Manager. Leadership transitions are frequently accompanied by the natural coming and goings of employees, but many say that Donovan’s appointment rubbed employees the wrong way and threatened to disrupt how Vine had been doing things.

Twitter’s Strategy Going Forward

Vine still has tremendous cultural value, and Twitter says the service is still an “important part of our strategy.” In fact, one of the reasons Twitter brought in an outside GM was to shake things up. While it’s not entirely clear how Twitter will fit Vine into its plans moving forward, there is a lot of potential for integration of services. Twitter will need to adjust quickly, however, as many of the top Viners are taking their creativity to competing services such as Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat.

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