The Top 10 Incredible Font Choices for Your Facebook Fan Pages

Are you looking for ways to help your company stand out in the social media arena? If yes, we are here to help! One great way to do this is designing a stunning Facebook page. What is something most Facebook users will notice on a Facebook page? They would notice font choices. Remember, text is meant to be read and a truly great font is one that has a hint of style but still easy to read. Read below for 10 stunning font choices your fans will love and keep them coming back for more great content!

Combo #1: Marketing Script and Qlassick

The two-font choices together will result in a clean and stylish font design. The body text is size 16 for comfortable reading. This font works well on Facebook’s Fan page layout because the page is only 520 pixels wide. It gives your content paragraphs a nice compact look. A size 16 fonts will guarantee your visitors can read your statuses even when sitting 2-3 feet from their monitors.

Combo #2: Androgyne, Arial Rounded and GeoSansLight

The fonts here have a slightly curvy font to them. The Arial rounded can be used to create great navigation links, to make them stand out more. The GeoSansLight and Androgyne share the same style of “a”.

Combo #3: Nor-et-Blanc and Sansation

The Nor-et Blanc and Sansation combination works great for Facebook Company Pages that seek a feminine touch. It adds elegance, while maintaining a clean and readable look.

To see what these fonts look like, review the images here at Wixpages.com.

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