The Benefits of Facebook Graph Search For Facebook Business Pages

Do you have a Facebook business page? If you do not, it’s time to get on the Social Media Platform. Why?

Just this week Facebook has launched a new, big game changer to its website.

What is the game changer?

This may be the start of a new information exchange era. Facebook may have figured out how to make the Like button more important than the link connection of websites.

Google for years made the web revolve around links and information.

Now Facebook has the opportunity to change the game with over one billion users and the new Graph search.

Here is how the Facebook Graph search will work:

A consumer on Facebook will look for a need on interest on Facebook such as an orthodontist in Maryland. The Facebook search will assist the consumer to find, for example, an orthodontist in Baltimore, Maryland a consumer’s own friends like and trust.

This is something Google search cannot do. We live in a world where recommendations from those we know are invaluable. In fact, 92% of consumers trust word of mouth/ recommendations from personal connections rather than commercial advertisement.

By having a professional Facebook business page designed for your company, you can generate more likes and clicks to your website which will increase your Google Search rank.

The Graph Search will be extremely user friendly with search phrases such as “ friends who live in Washington DC” or “photos taken at ____(insert location).”

Best of all the Graph Search can completely search the entire social graph of Facebook – people, photos, places and interests.

This means more exposure for your business content and more accuracy on consumer needs and wants.

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