How To Spot Domain Renewal Scams


Avoid falling victim to a domain renewal scam!

It always pays to read your emails. In fact, a recent scam was found to prey on small business owners by urgently reminding them to renew their “domain name search engine registration” using language that feels like a standard domain name renewal notice. However, similar to the approaches taken by notorious snail mail solicitors, these email scammers are merely soliciting your money. Upon reading the fine print, you will notice terms like “this is not a bill, this is a solicitation.” These are the red flags that all business owners need to be aware of. Here are a few ways you can spot the scammy, spammy emails in no time!

Carefully Examine The Sender’s Email Address

This is one of the best ways to find a spammer in no time. Check whether the sender’s email matches your current registrar’s domain name. If you happen to get an email from someone you don’t know or are unsure of regarding your domain name, it is probably best to contact your trusted sales representative at Adventure Web Interactive who can get to the bottom of any shady correspondence.

Look For “Solicitation” Language

As previously stated, the email will always indicate that it is a solicitation and not a bill. However, it takes a very detail-oriented eye to catch that language. In fact, if you find any language similar to “solicitation” and “this is not a bill,” you are likely being hustled. As a result, just go ahead and delete the email and move on.

Does The Email Pass The Common Sense Test?

When you get an email asking for you to pay an exceedingly high amount for something, it will make anyone pause. If you ever have to provide information that your domain registrar already has, you are probably getting duped. In fact, it is always best to be cautious about scammers and their solicitation tactics. As a result, it is always ideal to call your sales representative to get to the bottom of the possible scam.

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