Six Types of Social Media Ads For Your Company To Post

Marketing your business is a full-time job, especially if you’re teaching yourself how to do it simultaneously. These days, you have to plan for a traditional and a digital marketing strategy. This should include maintaining a solid website, running cohesive social media campaigns, and preparing for advertising. At least some of your advertising should focus on getting your content in front of the right eyes. Let’s dive into six different ads you could use as part of your advertising strategy to choose the best one to match your audience and market.

Adventure Web Interactive Social Media TipsImage Ads for Social Media

This is the most common and popular because images are the preferred form of content on most platforms. Image ads use pictures to grab attention, convey information, and call the viewer to action. They don’t require interaction with the ad, except to click on it.


Video Ads for Social Media

Video ads use video in the same way that image ads use pictures. All major platforms support video ads, and the average consumer regularly engages with video content. Videos do usually require someone to click on them to work.


Story Ads for Social Media

Story ads are supported on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat and are a quick way to promote a video or image ad. Since stories are often at the top of people’s feeds, they are easy to access and tend to attract more interest than other types. However, they are also temporary, so they shouldn’t be used for content someone might need to repeat to understand. 


Carousel Ads for Social Media

Carousel ads allow you to post a series of images or video ads in sequence, such as a collection of items on sale. If you want to tell an extended story, use a carousel to set the images or videos up in a sequence (and set it to maintain your set order). 


Collection Ads for Social Media

Collection ads can be photos or videos and offer users the option to buy the highlighted product without leaving their social media application. These ads won’t drive business directly to your website, but they are a great way to move product. 


Message Ads for Social Media

Finally, most ads go into users’ leading social media pages, but message ads go into their chats. This can be a very effective tool sometimes, especially if you reach out to potential customers who have already interacted with you. However, some users may be put-off by unsolicited messages. 

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