Four Reasons Why You Should Add A Blog To Your Website

Reasons Why You Should Add A Blog To Your Website

You already know the many benefits of internet presence, like a website or social media pages. These essential tools allow you to connect with your followers and customer base, gather helpful information about them, and keep the lines of communication open and transparent. A good website can also be a great place to share information highlighting your expertise in your field. Even if you already have a good website, there are many reasons to consider adding a blog to your website to make it even better.


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One of the primary uses of a blog on a website is to convey information about your business, industry, or services. You can achieve similar results with a newsletter, but a blog can also reach people who don’t already know about your business. Your blog is a great place to do that. You can and should use it to show customers and potential customers that you are well versed in your industry and knowledgeable about various related topics. If they trust your company, they can also trust the advice you give in your blog, and vice versa – having a well-written and informative blog can convert readers into customers if they get to a point where they can’t DIY an issue. 


Create Your Company Voice

These days most businesses don’t hide their opinions and views, even on topics unrelated to their industry. For many, these opinions are part of the brand’s personality and ethics. A blog is an ideal place to share those. It allows a more in-depth discussion of your views on a topic than a social media post usually allows. The blog can also be a space for you to discuss issues from your industry and keep people up-to-date on the details of your business. 


Attract Visitors To Your Site Longterm

Each blog post on your website is another indexed page that is searchable and discoverable on the internet. These pages are designed to be around long-term (unlike social media posts) and drive additional people and eyes to your website. They can also continue doing this work for a long time since the topics and information in them are usually relatable for a long time. 


Convert Visitors To Leads

As mentioned before, the content of your blog posts should be informative and engaging; ideally, they will drive new visitors to your website. They should also, hopefully, convert those visitors into customers. Each blog should include or end with a call to action, or CTA, which allows visitors to easily convert into leads and customers (by following your directives to “click here to call us” or “Come visit our showroom” or some other action). 


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