The Smart Way To Use Twitter For Your Small Business

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With these Twitter tips, your small business will have much better chances of reaching its audience.

As a small business owner, you’re constantly looking for ways to engage your target audience. Social media offers a wide variety of platforms that will help promote your small business, and Twitter has stayed on the radar for quite some time. It’s the best way to send quick and easy updates to your followers, allowing them to know what’s new in just a sentence or two. With these Twitter tips, your small business will have much better chances of reaching its audience.

Be Clear, Be Consistent

When promoting your brand, you need to be clear and be consistent with your image. Many small businesses think this is easy enough, but timing your tweets and being consistent with content can be tricky. Make sure that you’re tweets are going out at similar times and have a message that accurately conveys your ideas and mission.

Don’t Over-Do It

The 80/20 rule is a great piece of advice to employ when using any social media platform for your business. Think of it in terms of 80% of your tweets should be about things your audience is interested in or would like to know about, and the other 20% of your tweets are purely promotional. If you end up creating more promotional tweets than informational tweets, people will lose interest and eventually stop following you.

Choose Carefully

When retweeting and favoriting tweets from other individuals or businesses, remember that you are still very much advertising your own brand. Social media marketing is all about your image, and you want your retweets and favorites to be in line with your small business’s mission.

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