SEO Myths That Can Hurt Your Search Rankings

seo myths that hurt rankings

Learn which SEO myths to ignore as you try to increase your search rankings.

As you build your website and create regular content for your blog, you naturally want to find as many ways as possible to polish your SEO and increase your site’s search rankings. While there are a few definitive ways you can help your page rankings, there are also several misleading beliefs about search engine optimization that can hurt your web traffic. Read on to learn the three biggest SEO myths to ignore, and what to do instead. 

Only Long-Form Content Ranks Well

SEO experts have often debated quality versus quantity, but quantity does not guarantee better search rankings. Lengthy content may often correlate with better search results, simply because longer content may provide more opportunity for the exploration of a topic. However, providing value to your readers matters much more than how long an article is. If your content answers a question relevant to your readers or offers valuable information, it doesn’t need to be 1,000 words long. 

Add as Many Backlinks As Possible 

Many SEO myths come from how things were done differently in the earlier days of the Internet and online search engines. While backlinks can indicate that your web page is a reliable source of information, Google’s rankings can notice “spammy” backlinks. Overloading a page with backlinks indicates spammy links and low-quality content that can hurt your SEO. Google doesn’t want to send its searchers to websites with an overabundance of backlinks. 

Keyword Density Is Important

One of the SEO myths that is more damaging to the quality of your writing is the belief that keyword density matters immensely. While you naturally want to include your key phrases or words in your content, stretching to fit keywords in where they do not fit makes for hard-to-read content. Instead, Google uses a semantic search that tries to understand your content and how it relates to user intent. 

Ultimately, Google wants to make sure that its users find the content that is useful to them. If your content is relevant to your subject and brand, you don’t need to worry about the occurrence of keywords. Write for your readers, and your readers will find you. 

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